Our days can get stressful.  Unexpected moments, communication gone awry , and plans, well, out the window!

How we behave and interact in these moments really matters.  Yet we just EXPECT ourselves, and our teams, to “handle it.”

We give teams and leaders the opportunity to “work out” their EQ skills – skills that matter.



Jim Mecir spent 15 years in professional baseball despite being born with a club foot.  He pitches powerful experiences of  adaptability and resiliency that motivate and empower teams to championship performance.

Ellen Schnur uses her 25 years in the business world,  a deep dive into Applied Improvisation and other learning modalities and research to create unique interactive and empowering sessions that have lasting impact.

 A short overview of ImprovTalk

Live action, testimonials and interviews.

A little insight into why Ellen & Jim work together.

Our TEDx talk, “Being Shy is Being Selfish” (It’s not what you think!)

“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” 

Charles Darwin

“Intuitive knowledge works where business-school-style rationalizations break down, and it is that kind of knowledge that improvisational practice develops.” 

Malcolm Gladwell, “Blink”

What our online clients are saying:

“GREAT JOB… awesome ideas to bring back to my team!”

 “It was so fun to feel connected again!”

“Energizing ideas everyone can use!”

“You knocked it out of the park!”

“What an impressive workshop you put together yesterday!”

What our in-person clients are saying:

“I’m kicking myself for not having the entire team present for your session!”

 “You were amazing!”

“Honestly it’s infectious… I can’t wait to do more of this!”

“Your positive, friendly, and dynamic style made the learning so much fun!”

 “Thank you so much for the great ideas, they really relate to my business!”


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