Keynote Presentations

Former MLB Pitcher and New York Hall of Famer, Jim Mecir teams up with Improviser and Trainer, Ellen Schnur to help audiences take their professional skills to a whole new level with enhanced communication, collaborative team building and innovative creativity.

Ellen leads audiences to ditch fear, let go of judgment and seek new possibilities in every career role. Equipped with 25+ years in a corporate career and formal improv training from the highly acclaimed Second City, IO (formerly Improv Olympic) and many improv masters, Ellen successfully injects learning with energy, laughter and fun to produce immediate results.

Jim pitches powerful experiences of adversity, adaptability and resiliency that invigorate the core of work life. With a lifetime dedicated to overcome the challenges of being born with a clubfoot, Jim achieved his dream to be a Major League Baseball player. Through Jim’s compelling stories and jaw dropping experiences, he inspires audiences to take time to integrate each other’s strengths and challenges in order to form successful teams and organizations.

Together, Ellen and Jim instill confidence, reignite creativity and open communication channels. Audiences leave equipped to help employees, teams, leaders, businesses and organizations work better together to achieve individual, team and company goals.

Keynote Topics

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork / Collaboration
  • Innovation / Creativity
  • Strike Out Adversity by Jim Mecir
  • Improv for Professional Women by Ellen Schnur
  • Special Requests are Welcome

Meeting Kickoffs

Be sure your audience is ready to listen, engage and learn! ImprovTalk will energize your small groups, medium-sized meetings or large conferences. The audience does a series of short engaging and interactive challenges that sharpen their listening skills and get them ready to embrace new ideas from the workshop and your speakers. Stories from the pitcher’s mound that relate directly to the audience make these kicksoffs a home-run!

Custom Workshop Sessions

Looking to amplify your conference with interactive, energizing and productive workshops? ImprovTalk will have the audience laughing out loud while learning along the way.

No matter the topic, our customized workshop itinerary is designed to meet your specific needs, theme and goals.

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