Why Learn Through ImprovTalk?
Isn’t It All Fun & Games?

Oh, No, It Isn’t!

Customized Skill Building Training Programs That Impact the Bottom Line

Hit a grand slam with your CEOs, management, teams and employees as ImprovTalk presents interactive group activities led by inspiring stories and implemented with practical lessons from both the mound and the stage to help organizations thrive.

Interactive Group Activities, Inspiring Stories & Practical Lessons Teach Companies How To

  • Lead with Impact
  • Build Dynamic Teams
  • Enhance Team Inclusivity and Collaboration
  • Practice Effective Communication
  • Unleash Creative Innovation
  • Overcome Adversity
  • Increase Success

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Through Improv

Disrupt your usual way of thinking in a safe and supportive environment.

Experience overcoming adversity and building your resilience (some call it grit!).

Sharing the spotlight creates new leaders and engaged employees.

Reframe failure as a gift – an opportunity.

Learn to leverage the skills that an actor uses on stage to keep their audience engaged and engrossed.

See how creating psychological safety brings teams together.

Practice listening at a deeper level, even when you have a LOT on your mind.

Experience the power of “Yes, And” – building buy-in and fostering innovation and creativity.

Sharpen your “emotional intelligence” skills (managing your own emotions and being able to more accurately read others).

Experience how improvisers create on the spot, in front of an audience.

Best of all, you will have fun, laugh a lot and bring the lessons back to your workplace and help create a more constructive, adaptable and collaborative environment.