Team Building

Have you ever been part of an extraordinary team? If you have, you know how much fun and how motivating it can be. Creating strong teams can truly make an important difference in company performance, especially when different business units need to collaborate.

A Harvard study showed that the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more. How well individuals on a team build relationships and collaborate is becoming increasingly important.

Studies also show that sponsoring group events and activities can play a critical role in encouraging more of a communal spirit. Laughing together reduces stress, puts people more at ease and creates stronger connections.

In this fun and motivating workshop, through a series of challenges and stories from the mound, you and your team will experience the attributes of winning baseball and improv teams. They learn simple tools that they actually “try on” and bring back to the workplace. Here are just a few.


  • Know Thy Partner. It’s imperative to build a strong team.
  • Make Others Look Like Rock Stars – instead of yourself.
  • Practice Full Inclusivity. Everyone’s ideas are valued.
  • Postpone Judgement, at least long enough for an idea to get some “air.”
  • Disrupt. Step away from your “normal zones” and let the magic happen!
  • Nonverbal Communication speaks louder than your words!
  • Listen Intentively! Everyone knows when you don’t.
  • Have Fun! If you are not having fun, who will?

Be the “Dream Team” who makes a strong impression and delivers productive results in your organization!

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