Be the Leader You Are Meant to Be

Work out your leadership muscles with World Series winning pitcher, Jim Mecir and corporate manager turned improviser, Ellen Schnur. Benefit the entire organization when you strengthen your capacity to collaborate and innovate, build stronger relationships, and help solve problems more quickly and creatively.

ImprovTalk shares intriguing stories from the pitcher’s mound and walks you through interactive lessons that apply directly to your business. Learn how to apply new approaches and skills that effectively boost relationships and consensus building skills. Our powerful, fun and interactive activities (we promise, no PowerPoint tranquilizers) prepare you to lead today’s complex teams.


  • Stay Focused
  • Keep Calm
  • Improve Communications
  • Be the Problem Solver
  • Let Everyone Share the Spotlight
  • Resilience to Adversity
  • Collaborate the Yes, And! way.

No matter which level of leader you are, ImprovTalk will elevate your leadership skills and style, fully impacting your organization.

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