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Medical Improv – What is it?

Medical Improv is an experiential teaching modality where the “Yes and . . .” philosophy and activities from the world of theatrical improvisation are adapted for healthcare audiences – not to perform improv, but to improve critical outcomes.

“Yes, And,” it’s an engaging, shared experience for your team.

Building Strong Healthcare Teams

Train the Trainer – for mid-level, team, and emerging leaders

Introduction to the Medical Improv Modality

Thought-provoking sessions to help healthcare professionals discover how to increase their organizations’ ability to thrive in complex, unpredictable environments.

“Communication is headed for success when we pay more attention to what the other person is understanding rather than focusing solely on what we want to say.” 

Alan Alda, Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University

Building Strong Healthcare Teams

EXPERIENCE live or online building the skills and behaviors that will help everyone on the team…


      • Develop the flexibility to deal with uncertainty and change

      • Enhance everyone’s ability to work on interdisciplinary teams

      • Gain clarity on the impact they have on others

      • Practice responding clearly even in uncomfortable and stressful situations

      • Enhance the skills of empathy and compassion (yes, they are skills)

      • Make collaboration and even innovation easier

      • Foster a culture that makes everyone feel safe and respected

… all while interacting and engaging your team. 

Impactful stories and reflective discussions help everyone tie the lessons to their job and bring the lessons home.

Medical Improv is a new approach based on the idea that healthy emotional intelligence and effective communication skills are the foundation for optimal relationships, teamwork, leadership, and culture.

Beth Boynton, “Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication”

Medical Improv Train the Trainer: 

A Toolkit for Healthcare Leaders & Managers


Empower your management team to facilitate and debrief 8-10 activities that promote healthy interactions that will help create and sustain a culture of safety!

      • Reduce errors

      • Optimize patient experience

      • Decrease bullying and burnout

      • Improve morale and retention

      • Promote resiliency

Integrate Medical improv into your culture with this train the trainer and create a positive rippling effect throughout your organization. Envision a few minutes of experiential activities becoming part of clinical education, orientation, and administrative meetings.

Beth Boynton, RN, MS, CP, leads the training, assisted by Ellen Schnur.  Beth wrote the book on Medical Impov (actually 4 books!) and has amazing insights, experience and skills she shares.

“Medical Improv contributes to complex adaptive systems’ outcomes such as

patient safety, patient experience and workforce health.”    

Beth Boynton, “Complexity Leadership: Nursing’s Role in Health Care Delivery

Intro to Medical Improv for Senior Leaders: 

60 Minute Virtual Program

 ImprovTalk is excited to partner with Beth Boynton, RN, MN, CP for this exciting program!

EXPERIENCE the new staff development modality for improving communication and culture!


        • Hospital CMOs, CNOs, CEOs

        • Medical Practice Physician leaders

        • VPs of Human Resources and Professional Development

Join us for this training intervention that will create a rippling effect of positive interactions throughout your organization!


Empower healthcare workers with skills that will help them adapt, respond and interact with others in ways that create the best outcomes for everyone involved.


Why Baseball and Medical Improv?

Healthcare and Baseball teams are both Complex Adaptive Systems that require learning and adapting to changing environments and relationships.   During Jim Mecir’s 15-year professional baseball career, he learned all about cultivating relationships, accepting feedback, tolerating uncertainty, remaining calm in stressful situations and much more.

Beth Boynton literally wrote the book about Medical Improv.  Actually, she’s written four books about the role of Medical Improv for patient and workforce health and safety.  She has been teaching and writing about communication, collaboration, and culture in healthcare since the turn of the century when she started to explore how problems with communication were at root of many medical errors and almost 100% of sentinel events.

Ellen Schnur of ImprovTalk.  Ellen brings her 25 years of business and training experience, along with her Applied Improv training and years of research into this wonderful mix.

What to expect in this fast-paced tour:

  • Stories from our respective fields

  • Experiential activities

  • Application debriefs with your peers

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“There is a tidal wave of data on compassion’s effects across the healthcare field on the physiological and psychological benefits, the improvement in patient self-care, and the effects on health care quality and financial sustainability that compassion delivers.” 

Dr. Stephen Trzeciak & Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli, authors of “Compassionomics; the Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference”