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Every day your customer service team is on the field, getting curve balls thrown at them and throwing pitches they hope will hit their mark. They may have scripts to follow, but the customers don’t, and they have to improvise. So why not sharpen their improvisation skills?

Whether they are working the front desk, on the phone, in a call center, or answering a billing question, strong interpersonal and communication skills are crucial. And that is what is at the heart of ImprovTalk training.

We help your team improve their customer service skills in a fun, interactive environment, providing tools and techniques to take back to the job. All of the learning points are enhanced by stories from the major leagues. Believe it or not, some of the same skills are key to the success of athletes, as well.

In this laughter filled workshop:

  • Practice using non-verbal communication more effectively.
  • Learn techniques to build trust with customers and co-workers.
  • See how to make customers feel like rock stars.
  • Understand how to be a better listener (and why it’s hard).
  • Practice saying “yes, and” to get the customer what they need.
  • And be able to think and adapt quickly.

You don’t need to be a sports fan or have aspirations for the stage. We help your staff make small shifts to make a bigger impact in a safe and fun environment.

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