Improv for Women – The “YES &” Adventure

“Every day, do at least one frightening thing that contributes to the fulfillment of your desires.” – Martha Beck

We all have goals that we want to achieve. Sometimes, those goals are lofty and require us to push past our “normal zone” to make the changes we really want to make. Perhaps it’s applying for a job, asking for a raise, giving a rockin’ presentation, or leaving a bad relationship.

When we find the courage to push past that zone, that is truly when the magic happens! In this workshop, we give you tools that help you take that leap, try that new thing, and take that risk!

We practice

  • quieting our inner critic that doesn’t tell us the truth,
  • getting past our fear of looking stupid and do it anyway, and
  • being ourselves even in uncomfortable situations.

All that and more in a safe, laughter-filled environment that encourages each of us to say “Yes, And” to (whatever) adventure you desire!

“What It Means to Lead.”
You can’t be brave until you’ve been really scared.
You can’t be courageous until you’ve faced those really big challenges.
You can’t be a leader until you know what it means to be powerless.”
– Ann McKee

Did you know that studies show women speak up to 75 percent less often than men when there are more men than women in the room? From an early age, we are trained to censor ourselves and control our impulses. For society as a whole, that is a good thing! But for many women, we have been conditioned to be “good girls,” not make waves and try to be liked (it’s actually an ancestral thing), So often this stops many of us from doing things and from being ourselves when we are uncomfortable.

Women know how to have fun! If you’ve ever been to a girls weekend, or just out celebrating your best friend’s birthday, there was probably lots of laughter and sharing and just being yourselves. JUST BEING YOU!

Now imagine bringing that same “you” into the board room, or behind the podium, or even in a job interview. Scary, right? We try so hard to be perfect, to never make mistakes and to avoid failure at all costs. We develop a very loud inner critic that we believe is telling us the truth. But that voice, more often than not, is just trying to stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone. The fact is, most of the greatest successes come from taking risks and sometimes failing.

This workshop is for you if you want to do any of the following:

  • Make a bold career move.
  • Do something that scares you AND excites you.
  • Feel more confident in uncomfortable situations.
  • Stop feeling like you are too (fill in the blank… old, young, fat, etc.).
  • Stop feeling “ less than.”
  • Be able to think on your feet and embrace what comes.
  • Tap into your inner wisdom and express your authentic self.
  • Stop censoring yourself and confidently express yourself.
  • Stop caring what others think so much.

My invitation to you… YES! Put together a group of women (minimum of 12, no maximum) or your book club or your women’s organization. I’ll work with you to put on a workshop where we practice, together, and you will all laugh a lot. AND! you will all be able to share these skills together in the future.

Step out of ‘normal,’ and take the leap. Try the new thing, and take the risk!

P.S. MANY people tell me they are too afraid to take this workshop and that they are not funny. This is NOT about being funny! It’s about becoming more comfortable being yourself in different situations and having some FUN! I promise that after we get started you will forget all about your fear of the workshop and I guarantee you will be glad you came!

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