Improv for Sales Professionals

Improve the Experience on Both Sides

Do your clients leave your meetings feeling more important and confident that you can solve their problem? Is your sales staff empowered to make them feel that way?

You’ve trained your staff in all of the hard skills of their job, now build on their soft skills. Improvisers and athletes have to have all of these skills to win games and audiences, and this is your opportunity to experience how they do it!

In this workshop your sales staff will…

  • Build stronger connections – strenghten your emotional intelligence.
  • Look at objections as “offers” – BUILD on their suggestions.
  • Be effective, no matter what happens – we call it “grit!”
  • Have more fun in the sales process – your client will, too!
  • Understand power dynamics – it will change the way you approach people.
  • Focus on “how can I make the client look great?” instead of “how can I look great?”
  • Listen with improv ears that can unlock ideas – often ones they didn’t know they had!
  • Enhance their storytelling skills – tricks from the stage.

ImprovTalk is the perfect solution to allow your sales team the opportunity to “try on” new skills and practice new ways of connecting and communicating.

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